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Yammer Analytics is a data intelligence tool focused on employee behavior and engagement within the corporate social network Microsoft.

More than just numbers, it offers indicators that really analyze the results of actions and campaigns and generate collaboration and communication insights.
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As redes sociais são o canal de comunicação com mais adesão e efetividade na vida pessoal.

Colaboradora acessando as redes sociais corporativas e teams através do tablet.
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O Yammer é uma rede social com todas as características das que já conhecemos, porém corporativa.

As redes sociais são a plataforma do momento, mas sem acompanhamento, conhecimento do público e mensuração, fica difícil gerir o canal, planejar a comunicação e tomar decisões para criar campanhas de sucesso, concorda?

É aí que entra o Yammer Analytics!

Social networks are the communication channel with the most adherence and effectiveness in personal life.

Employee accessing corporate social networks and teams through the tablet.
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Viva Engage/Yammer is a social network with all the features we already know, however, corporate.

Social networks are the platform of the moment, but without follow-up, knowledge of the public and measurement, it is difficult to manage the channel, plan communication and make decisions to create successful campaigns, do you agree?

That's where Yammer Analytics comes in!

In addition to being an important tool for understanding the employee, Yammer Analytics is the most efficient tool for proving the results of your actions based on reliable data.

New features and improvements are always coming out and you will always have access to them. Thinking about news is part of our routine.
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